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Dominate Your Market - Lead Generation Strategy Based on Your Prospects’ 5 Real-Life Behaviors

By Matt Sellhorst, Marine Marketing Strategies

Matt Sellhorst

10 years ago, if a prospect decided to buy a boat, what did they do?  Yeah, they picked up a Boat Trader magazine, maybe went online to search a few listings (with almost no pictures) or stopped in to talk with a broker or dealer.

Print ads worked pretty well with a listing of boats for sale, single picture and 50 word description.  You left off a key piece of information so they had to call you, right?

But, today our prospects don’t act the same way… do they?

Here are 5 shopping behaviors of boat buyers and how a single strategy will let you reap the rewards.

Behavior #1 – Always searching for boats:  With smart phones, iPads and laptops always within arm’s reach, boat lovers are always searching for their next boat.  They Google; ‘Boats for Sale’; visit BoatTrader or YachtWorld daily.  They watch every boating video on the internet.  They are always looking for what may be their next boat or dream boat.

Behavior #2 – Watching Videos:  Research is predicting that by 2017, over 74% of all internet consumption will be video based.  If it hasn’t happened already, our consumers will expect more than a 5 line description and 8 crappy pictures of boats on listings.  They will want and expect a reasonable good video walk-thru BEFORE coming to look at a boat in person.

Behavior #3 – Research, Research, Research:  After the recession, consumers are more and more skeptical of what sales people have to say.  Right out of the gate, they assume EVERY sales person is going to lie to them at some point.  To guard against that fear (real or imagined) they will research like a mad scientist before making a buying decision.

Behavior #4 – Avoid a Buying Decision:  In addition to researching to avoid being taken advantage of by ‘us sales people’ (Hey, I’m a sales person myself but that is the reality for many of our prospects).   They are swimming in fear.  Fear of making a bad decision.  Fear of buying the wrong boat.  Fear of paying too much.  Fear of being sold a lemon.  Fear of ridicule from friends and family for buying a boat.  Fear of (fill in the blank).  It is that fear that can often lead to avoiding a buying decision altogether.

Behavior #5 – Looking for THE Answer:  Noting what was said above, first and foremost, your ‘Now Buyers’ are searching for THE answer to this question; “Why should I buy a boat from you versus any and every other option, including not buying a boat at all?” 

When looking at these 5 behaviors together, there is a sales and marketing technique that gets many brokers very excited when they understand it.  This technique will be revealed in a free webinar on March 4th via the YBAA E-seminars.

The session will be worth 3 CPYB credits and, more importantly, it will open your eyes to a new lead generation source and much, much more that will put money in your bank account, making 2015 an ENORMOUS year!

Matt Sellhorst is author of “Marine Marketing Strategies,” speaker at industry events such as Marine Retail University, Marine Dealer Conference and Expo and has been featured in Boating Industry Magazine, Soundings Trade Only, YBAA News and honored in the ‘Movers and Shakers’ edition of Boating Industry in the ‘Bold Moves’ category.  Sellhorst was a top producer at Hall Marine and won several awards as Top Broker.  For more information, visit and to request his report; “How To Sell More Boats” available free for a limited time.

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