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Leading Yacht Donation Program Becomes Certified Professional Yacht Broker Sponsor

AMIkids Yacht Donation Program and CPYB Partner with Plans of Creating a Brighter Tomorrow

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The AMIkids Yacht Donation Program recently became the newest CPYB bronze sponsor. The partnership is ideal for both organizations as yacht brokers play a vital role
in the overall success of the yacht donation process. The funds generated from each vessel
transaction directly go to help the national nonprofit’s 44 youth programs serving at-risk youth
across nine states.
For nearly 50 years, AMIkids has been helping to transform the lives of youth across the country.
The nonprofit offers educational assistance, vocational training and the opportunity for youth to
gain essential life skills. The Yacht Donation Program plays an important part in this process and
has facilitated over 6,000 yachts since its inception.
While the program assists with creating bright futures it also helps individuals seeking to part
ways with their vessel. The program is designed to relieve current yacht owners of holding costs,
provides tax advantages and ensures a safe alternative that will ultimately help to empower lives
for years to come.
AMIkids not only has an unblemished track record of success but this organization has joined
forces with some of the top brokerage firms in the industry, establishing well-rounded
relationships over the years. The organization is excited to partner with CPYB and feels
confident that this will be a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved all while
supporting a cause to help today’s youth create a brighter tomorrow.


AMIkids is a national nonprofit organization that serves at-risk youth with 44 local programs in
nine states throughout the country. Since 1969, AMIkids has empowered more than 135,000 boys
and girls from across the nation, helping to transform their lives and guide them towards a
bright future. For more information, visit: 

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