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The Guide for the Professional Practice of Yacht Brokerage & Sales, the complete reference and training guide for yacht brokers who are committed to their success.

Based upon the CPYB program Body of Industry Knowledge and including a variety of helpful resources and sample documents, The Guide is a useful three-ring-binder publication addressing the following key topics:

  1.  Laws & Regulations, including legal reports and updates
  2. Technical Knowledge, including vessel types and construction, systems and terms
  3. Brokerage Transactions
  4. Yacht Broker Responsibilities
  5. Yacht Broker Ethics

The Guide also includes a Glossary of Terms, links to appropriate industry web sites, copies of association Codes of Ethics, and, sample contractual forms, including Listing Agreements, Purchase & Sale Agreements, Acceptance of Yacht forms and related transaction forms.    

The Guide was developed and written in response to requests from, and to meet the needs of, two segments of the yacht brokerage community. For those individuals preparing to enter the profession as neophytes, The Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the key skills and knowledge required to become a professional yacht broker. Combined with appropriate in-service and on-the-job-training within a qualified brokerage firm, new yacht brokers will be better prepared for the demands and rewards of their chosen profession. Their clients, likewise, will be better served through the broker’s commitment to their profession.

For experienced yacht broker professionals who are seeking to earn their credentials as a CPYB - Certified Professional Yacht Broker -  The Guide serves as an excellent tool to prepare candidates for the CPYB examination; used alone as a study manual, or as a reference text when participating in formal CPYB Study Sessions.

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